When a website like Chase.com goes down, a number of very critical concerns come to mind. For example:

  • What does this do to a customer’s opinion of Chase.com security?
  • What’s the social impact on the Internet, in terms discussions and blog posts?
  • What type of online reputation management will be required to “clean up” negative search results?
  • How many clients will leave Chase?
  • How many prospects will now never choose Chase?
  • and most importantly, which banks will Chase customers who leave decide to go with?

Screenshot of Chase.com with the Maintenance Message

For the record, I have accounts with Chase and Citibank. I chose Chase because their business plans were affordable and integrated nicely with my personal accounts. I also have Citibank, because I’m a huge fan of the online tools; and because I am addicted to Slim Jim’s, which I can get at a 7-11 convenient store (all of which have Citibank ATMs inside). So this post is completely non-bias.

How Citibank Could Use Social Media Right Now

There’s a limited window right now for Citibank (or any bank) to take advantage of the high volume of pissed off Chase customers ranting and raving all over Facebook, Twitter, their personal blogs, niche networking websites, and commenting on news articles and blog comments across the World Wide Web. They need to do this TODAY, while the temperature is hot, to get the maximum benefit from the campaign.

  1. Citibank needs to get a license for Techrigy, Radian 6, or other social monitoring tool
  2. They need to “listen” to what is being said across the Internet and extrapolate important themes
  3. They need to construct a marketing campaign for each main theme they pickup (work through the night if needed)
  4. They need to respond with a “we feel your pain and want to help” message EVERY TIME a complaint is heard
  5. The campaign emphasis should revolve around 99.9% uptime on their website PLUS the response (“Your money and online transactions are safe again and accessible from your home or mobile device”)
  6. They need ads on TV TONIGHT with the message and a special offer that ends in ONE WEEK
  7. They should be bidding on Chase terms in Facebook, AdWords, YSM & AdCenter with the message
  8. They should be bidding on terms extrapolated from (1.) above in Facebook, AdWords, YSM & AdCenter with the message (some of which are blog tags and meta keywords)
  9. They should be tweeting the message, writing blog posts with the message, and commenting on blog posts with the message

When the dust has settled, users will remember the downtime and there’s still opportunity to convert upset Chase clients over. Citibank, Band of America, WellsFargo, if you’re listening, you’ve got an opportunity to reach people who are talking about their negative experience with Chase.com, using internet marketing tools, and earn a lot of new business by being sympathetic and responsive (and authentic).

Question is, are you too big to come down to our level? I guess we’ll find out. I know I’ll be watching.

What Would You Do If You Were Chase or a Competitor?

In light of Chase.com going down, how you use Internet marketing tools and resources to respond to the recent online banking crisis? Share your feedback below.