It’s been one heck of a month, with so many great (and some challenging) events. I’m going to try to do this SOTB update once a week, but no promises. This one will cover the last couple of weeks since there’s a lot to share.

Consulting Services

Thanks to my unbelievable team, I’ve picked up a few new consulting clients, and am just about at my capacity based on my FY10 goals. If you follow me online or offline, you’ll know that my goal is to eventually have one or two semi-major search events per month and spend the rest of the time with my family and return to my long-term goal of being a History Teacher (maybe Jr. High).

Check out the results my clients have been getting from their SEO Strategy:

SEO Results from Steve Wiideman Clients

Meetups and Workshops

The iSuccess Summit has been postponed for a few months. My team collectively made the decision to postpone the event since we’re so tied up in other things at the moment (and haven’t had the time to market the event).

We delayed two Meetup groups because my schedule got a little out of control last week and this week the family got hit with a virus that’s been going around. We’re back on for next week. Here are the topics and links (hope you’ll join us or at least subscribe to get updates and meeting notes):

Below is a video taken from our last Meetup Group featuring Dave Jesch. Dave discusses how to quickly install and optimize WordPress and WordPress plugins to make a website search engine friendly and it’s content optimized for high search engine ranking.

Saturday morning breakfast workshops will begin in just a few weeks. We figure they’ll be more affordable and intimate, as compared to having a larger event. The first few events will be here in Orange County, most-likely selling for $59 per ticket.

SEO Websites Powered by WordPress

One of the services I decided to pilot to help fund our workshops was setting up and optimizing websites using the WordPress platform. It’s been a few weeks and the orders are coming in, but I’m learning that there’s a huge learning curve for many businesses. My biggest challenge has been allocating time to produce more training videos at my new subscription site ( Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to add more content. The clients have been really great so far. Getting Affiliates to sell website enhancements as opposed to separate websites has been another challenge. Two clients have already said “I didn’t want another website, I just wanted SEO”, so you can guess what part of my weekend is going to look like.

Orders From the SEO Website Program by Steve Wiideman

Fortunately, I have the process partially streamlined. Here’s how it works (at the moment):

  • A client purchases a website
  • Account Manager (AM) sends welcome email
  • I personally setup the project in our system
  • One of my (now 4) trained resources follows ~40 setup steps
  • AM does a quality check and assigns to me
  • I give each site a little Wiideman Love and assign back to AM
  • AM sends the client their login credentials (WordPress, Google Apps, etc)
  • Client visits to learn what do next

What’s Next?

We have a long way to go before we hit that profitability benchmark, but the progress and sleepless nights are finally starting to show the light at the end of the tunnel. For those on my team, thanks for your loyalty and support. We’ll be in Vegas celebrating our success as long as we stay the course, do right by our clients and do we can to make our jobs simpler and more enjoyable.

Till’ next time….(thanks for reading)