I’ve had the honor of working with someone over the last few years that consistently shakes up my world when we compare the power of SEO to offline human-interfacing sales. Bodine Balasco, a celebrated Sales Motivator and Humorous Business Speaker recently launched his new website, www.BestBusinessSpeaker.com, and like many people, my first thought was, “wow, he’s pretty confident of himself putting ‘best’ in his domain name.” Then I watched several dozen videos on his website. I awed myself at some incredible testimonials from sales conferences, and got carpal tunnel from scrolling through his client list page.

Then I watched this video:

Wow, I Mean WOW Man!

I like to think of myself as an educator because I teach people how to modify their website and get others to hyperlink in to improve Google’s impression of their popularity. I teach strategy and help my clients get higher ranking and significantly more traffic.

After listening to what salespeople and their managers say about Bodine, it’s apparent that I have much to learn.

Improve Your Sales Immediately

Here’s my blatant advertising for my friend and associate Bodine, “One of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century” (Successful Meetings Magazine): If you have a team of sales agents, who meet with and influence people on a daily basis, Bodine’s sales motivational speaking will absolutely deliver a boost in sales that will push SEO back into the 90’s – guaranteed.

To learn more about Bodine and watch the incredible videos that mesmerized me while working on his site, visit his Sales Motivator page at BestBusinessSpeaker.com. Then come back and tell me what you thought of Bodine and his new site in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!