For those of us in the inbound marketing industry, we’ve become accustom to popular ad management tools for “pay-per-click” advertising within search engines, but to-date have not had a tool to follow suit within expansion networks or social media destinations. This week we had the opportunity to speak with our Google agency relations associate, John Senyard who gave us a sneak peek at Wildfire, the new multi-publisher social media ad management tool owned by Google.

For those familiar with cross-publisher ad management systems, the industry giants you may already be working with or know of include Marin Software, Adobe (formerly Omniture) Search Center, and Kenshoo. These platforms are absolutely the best for managing ads in pay-per-click search engines without having to login and out of AdWords, AdCenter,, or Facebook all day. They centralize campaign themes, and allow for advanced bid optimization based on their own sophisticated algorithms and your business rules.

Social media, on the other hand, is an emerging medium with questionable advertising benefits and very confusion interfaces. Tools are emerging, however, to make publishing ads and making changes much simpler, such as Facebook Power Editor for Chrome. Unfortunately, these tools still require multiple logins and no centralized ad management system.

Enter Wildfire

According to John Senyard, Wildfire is the first ever solution to solve the problem of how to manage ads across multiple social media networks. He might be right. We did our own research to see what else exists on the market without any luck.

Wildfire Logo and DiagramAfter our call, we downloaded several product brochures (we’ll share the links below) and learned exactly which publishers Wildfire supports as of January 2013. That list includes:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube
  5. Google+
  6. Pinterest

How It Works

Wildfire Cross-Publisher Social Media Platform

As an advertiser, you login to Wildfire and setup your campaigns, including Pages, Ads, and Promotions. Use pre-existing templates or upload your own. Set your budgets, and deploy. You’ll immediately start seeing analytics from your ads within the reporting section, thus centralizing your social media ad tracking within one platform.

Wildfire Diagram

Wildfire is an Enterprise Tool

Though John wouldn’t discuss pricing, it’s clear that Wildfire is best suited for agencies with budgets that support advertising across so many different publishers. A good rule of thumb might be a spending threshold of at least $10k/mo or greater, which we’ll likely adjust once we get more info.

Below are a few links to help you get started with multi-publisher social media ads, including a brochure John was nice enough to share with us. His contact information is also listed below.

John Senyard
Agency Relations Associate
Wildfire, a division of Google
p: 650-253-1284 | @WildfireApp

How are You Managing Social Ads?

We want to know. If not through Wildfire, how else are you managing your ads? Which networks are converting the best for you and why? Please share your feedback and comments below.