Sarah Sapora – Our Super Badass Creative Strategist at Wiideman Consulting Group

Baddass Creative - Sarah SaporaOnce in a lifetime a person comes along with skills and talent that make competitors cringe. Sarah Sapora is our Baddass Creative Strategist, focusing on storytelling, voice, branding, and conversion in the digital marketing space for our clients here at Wiideman Consulting Group.

Our left-brained technology-focused strategists will enter a meeting thinking about items 1, 2, and 3, and leave inspired by Sarah’s idea on A, B, and C, always completely outside of the box with total “Wow Factor” reactions.

Learn more about why we (and you will) love Sarah Sapora in my (Steve Wiideman) write-up below.

What Makes Sarah a Badass?

Beyond her search engine marketing skills and time here at the office, Sarah is a Goddess in the world of self-motivation, self-esteem, and an inspiration to tens of thousands of women across the planet. When she’s not helping with content strategy and creative ideas to help our clients, she runs Greater at 40, a program empowering women everywhere to love themselves and to work toward mental freedom from esteem issues created by how other judge people based on their appearance.

She’s an inspiration to us and to the world.

Below are some videos that prove my point:

What Makes Sarah Creative?

Ms. Sapora never ceases to amaze us and our clients with her ability to look beyond standards and checklists. She’s the first to ask, and sometimes harp on, the word “WHY” when it comes to tasks as simple as planning a new page of content, or as complicated as helping a client with the rebranding of their entire web presence.

After a call with Sarah, you often find yourself revisiting the entire reason you asked for the call and often times revisiting why it is you’re in business in the first place. Then you come back with a renewed sense of purpose and Sarah’s there with pen in hand ready to help you be a baddass creative strategist too. She reminds us that it’s not always about showing off what you can do, but sometimes it’s about helping others show off what they can do.

Want to Work with Sarah Sapora?

If you’re looking to hire a truly badass creative person to help with your website, your content, and your holistic digital marketing strategy, call (562) 732-4417. If you’re looking to join Sarah’s program for women, checkout, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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